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September 27, 2010

Prescription Glasses Online shopping review

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I recently ordered a pair of bifocal on-line bifocal glasses from Their customer service, thus far, has been very good. I hesitate to bother them with any problems, but I think this one does call for a return to the factory. I got two pairs of glasses with the same frames. The Single-Vision glasses are fine. Unfortunately, the Progressive (no-line bifocals) give me astigmatism, with one eye image higher than the other. To correct the problem, I have to tilt the glasses at an unacceptable angle. The two prescriptions for the top and bottom halves seem to be OK when I hold the frames at an angle. This is my first pair of bifocals, and I have some problem adjusting to the concept, but I understand that is my problem, not theirs.

I contacted them and ask if they can correct this problem for me and send me another pair of bifocals if they wish. I do like the self-darkening feature of the bifocals and will get that on all my glasses in the future. The problem doesn’t seem to me to be the prescription, but rather the placement of the lens in front of my eye.

In less than 12 hours, I received an email from them stating that they were willing to send me a new pair free of charge, I was so happy to hear this news. They said I just need to take the frame to the optician to measure the Segment Height for the frame they sent me. I was also told that it is very important that my optometrist or doctor take correct measurements for segment height and the PD which is the distance between my pupils must be measured correctly. If the lower part of your prescription glasses, the reading segment, is placed too low, I will have to bend my neck backwards when I am reading. I get the measurement and emailed them the measurement, after 2 weeks, I received my replacement glasses, they work perfectly, I can see clearly for far distance and reading, they were much more than I expected. I would like to thank them for an awesome quality job and great customer service. Best of Luck! This is a good deal and a good company, in my opinion.