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November 5, 2010

Three Types of Prescription Eyeglasses Frames

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Now, the frame structure can be divided into 3 main types. They are full rim frame, semi-rim frame and rimless frame. Eyeglasses frames are playing a significant and special role in showing and conveying one’s temperament and thoughts.

Classic glasses have a full frame which is the best protection for the lenses. Full rim glasses frames are the most common frames made of all type of materials including metal, memory metal, titanium, plastic and mixed materials. Yet a brand-new look on your face is guaranteed by wearing them and a wide range of shapes and colors are available for you to choose from. Full rims also have a practical advantage: For sports, outdoor activities and jobs involving physical labor, full rims makes sense, which makes it never be out of date.

By edging contemporary, Semi rimless frames are a nice compromise between rimless and full-rim spectacles which offer you subtlety, quality, and stylish. They are much lighter than full-rim eyeglasses and more durable than rimless eyeglasses. Looking a bit differently, those people who have narrow facial structure now can enjoy much more choices of various frames. Semi-rimless frames are good for regular prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, both for men and women, in different shapes like val, oval and rectangular.

Rimless frames are now the latest trend in recent years because of their light weight, comfortable and nearly invisible, wearing the rimless glasses are just like not wearing the glasses at all. Rimless prescription glasses are different from the full frame or semi-rim frames, only covers quite a few part of the wearer’s face which allows the prescription glasses wearer to show their natural look as much as possible and you may feel that you almost wear no glasses at all. Polycarbonate lens or high index plastic lens are strongly recommended. They are less visible and they are also less of a fashion statement which means they will look good for longer.

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