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December 16, 2010

Why I Choose to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

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With the coming of Information Age, the evolution of information technology and the increasing popularity of computers and the Internet, the way we buy and sell things have undergone tremendous changes. Electronic commerce is booming, creating a marketplace of at least a trillion dollars, most of which comes from business to business transactions. Recently, e-commerce has aroused much public concern and has also sparked a heated debate. Should we do business on the Internet and could we believe in online stores? People’s opinions on this issue may be diametrically different. Some appreciate such an innovative way of shopping for its convenience and other unique advantages, while others do not applaud or welcome. After looking back on my experience of buying a pair of prescription glasses in an online store, personally, I am in favor of online shopping. My reasons are as follows.

First things first, online shopping saves you a lot of trouble and huge amounts of time. You no longer need to go from store to store, just trying to compare the prices and quality of glasses so that you can obtain the best one pair of glasses. However, after a day or even days of tiring selection and comparison, you choose one pair only to find that the so-called best one is still forbiddingly expensive and so-so in quality. Shopping online gives you a completely different experience. A sales representative, who is so helpful and enthusiastic will chat with you, answer your questions promptly and patiently and help you through the entire process of placing an order, everything from selecting frame to putting in prescription. During the process, he will spare no effort in helping you get the perfect pair for you. It is worth mentioning that he never tries to persuade you to buy those relatively expensive frames or lenses, instead, he will even be recommending free lens package for you if he thinks it is suitable for your current condition. Anyway, with his help, you can finish my order quickly and with little difficulty.

Another equally important aspect about online shopping is that online stores usually sell goods at a much lower prices that local stores do, and the quality of its goods are usually reliable. This is because online stores needn’t pay the high rent. Do not take it for granted that the cheap is bad in quality.

Last but not least, delivery is timely, more often than not. So don’t worry that you may wait a long time before receiving your purchase.

By the way, the online stores usually provide satisfactory after-sale services.

All in all, if you want to buy a pair of glasses high in quality and reasonable in price, I will strongly recommend you this online It won’t let you down.